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ANOUSH. So, what’s your opinion on the climate of the industry right now?
VANILLA. Oh. It’s gone totally bananas.
ANOUSH. Really?
VANILLA. Wherever I look there’s always some nut trying to to mix in and take over.
ANOUSH. Did you know you were going to be such a success when you started out?
VANILLA. It was a different world back then. It was easier – people knew what they wanted more and Me, Chocolate, and Strawberry came together and went Pop.
ANOUSH. So, you guys were cool with each other’s ideas?
VANILLA. We had great chemistry and did most of our stuff on the spot. It’s all about timing.
ANOUSH. Do you guys still hang out?
VANILLA. Oh, yea. We always find time to come together and share a pint.
ANOUSH. Do you enjoy working on your own, too?
VANILLA. Of course. I mean, we all freeze up every now and then, but it’s natural.
ANOUSH. Ya know, people still scream for you when they see you on the street.
VANILLA. Hah, you’re just humoring me. By the way, do you mind if we speed this up?  I (REALLY) need to be getting back.
ANOUSH.. Oh, sure-sure. So, any advice for folks out there who’re trying to churn out ideas on their own?
VANILLA. Don’t be seduced by jimmies.
ANOUSH. Oh, right. Of course.
VANILLA. And don’t fall for every warm handshake.
ANOUSH. Gotcha.
VANILLA. ‘Cause being a softy’s not gonna get you anywhere.
ANOUSH. Right.
VANILLA. And always be cool with yourself even if some people think you’re too old-fashioned.
ANOUSH. Alright. Thanks.
VANILLA. And Kiddo?
VANILLA. Don’t get mixed up with ice unless you want to spend the rest of your life behind plate glass.
ANOUSH. Oh, I hear you loud and clear.

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