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GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. Wuh-oh! Looks like SOMEONE needs a little help!
ANOUSH. No thanks.
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. HEY! *YOU* look like… someone who likes to get to the bottom of things.
ANOUSH. I have everything under control, thanks.
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. Someone trying to live each day to the fullest…? Eh? Someone looking for truth…?
ANOUSH. Wher’re you going with this?
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. Stop controlling the world! HELP ME HELP YOU!
ANOUSH. Thanks, but I’m not interested.
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. Oh, c’mon, I know a cry for help when I hear one.
ANOUSH. I think I can handle this on my own.
ANOUSH. Oh no.
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. Lemme ask you something: D’you ever feel like you were put on this earth for one reason and one reason only?
ANOUSH. I guess?
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. Well! It’s time to explore your inner dimensions – your mind, your soul.
ANOUSH. No thanks.
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. C’mon, we’re a team, you and I. Together, we’ll leave no stone unturned.
ANOUSH. It’s too early for this.
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. That’s fair. You seem like a very hands-on kinda girl.
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. You’re listening to me talk and probably thinking: “Someone just get me a KNIFE already!”
ANOUSH. Nah I wouldn’t go that far.
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON.  Look, I’m not getting bent outta shape – it’s YOUR life. But if I may be blunt,
ANOUSH. Go ahead.
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. You’re not gonna find too many tools out there like me.
ANOUSH. No, I believe you.
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. I mean I actually *KNOW* how the other half lives.
GRAPEFRUIT. So, I guess this is where we part ways.
GRAPEFRUIT SPOON. Some of us are too hard-core for this world.

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