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FRIDGE. Hey. Hey-kid!


FRIDGE. C’meeeeeeeeere.

ANOUSH. Um, I’m not allowed to consort with you while the power is out.

FRIDGE. Why not?

ANOUSH. ‘Cause the *last* time I tried opening the door, I got yelled at, so_

FRIDGE. Hey. Hey kid!


FRIDGE. You ever see the inside of a dark fridge?

ANOUSH. I um actually? I feel like if I did something like that it would cause a lot of stress and anguish for the people around me especially during these trying times.

FRIDGE. Lemme ask you a question: Who *runs* this house?

ANOUSH. My…. mom?

FRIDGE. Nope! Try again.

ANOUSH. My… dad, sometimes, maybe?

FRIDGE. Keep it comin’.

ANOUSH. Alright, I guess, you, then.

FRIDGE. That’s right, kiddo. And it’s ‘time you learned what Jello REALLY looks like after three hours.


FRIDGE. Time for you to see your destiny.

ANOUSH. Can’t I please see my destiny from the cereal cabinet or the pantry?

FRIDGE.What’re you….. chicken?

ANOUSH. WHAT did you call me?

FRIDGE. Chicken. You remember chicken, right? The thing that’ll hopefully still exist when the lights turn back on.

ANOUSH. Don’t SAY that!

FRIDGE. C’mon. It’s Go time. It’s J-E-L-L *O*-time.

ANOUSH. Right.

FRIDGE. Get that Jello before it turns mellow.

ANOUSH.  What?

FRIDGE. It’s a rhyme I made…. Wow you got fast fingers. Hey-HEY!


FRIDGE. Hands outta my drawers, girlie!

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