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ANOUSH. So, how come we didn’t see you at the ceremony?

CAKE. Yeahhhh ummm I don’t really “do” ceremonies?


CAKE. Yeah, not really my scene.

ANOUSH. Right.

CAKE. They freak me out on soooo many levels.

ANOUSH. Um – excuse me – where’re the figurines?

CAKE. Oh those. Well, I’ve decided to have them removed.

ANOUSH. What? Why?

CAKE. Because? I don’t like being walked on all the time.

ANOUSH. Oh, c’mon, they don’t _

CAKE. YES, they do!


CAKE. *DON’T!* What’s done is done.

ANOUSH. What happened to them?

CAKE. It’s not pleasant.

ANOUSH. Try me.

CAKE. Let’s just say they’ve been… reclassified.


CAKE. In “a better place.”

ANOUSH. Where?

CAKE. Be-headed.

ANOUSH. Great. THAT’S just great. You’re gonna have a lot of explaining to do.

CAKE. Way I see it? You gotta *EARN* your way to the top.

ANOUSH. Oh, SAVE it, will ya?

CAKE. YOU save it!

ANOUSH. And WHO gave you those pearls?

CAKE. Never you mind.

ANOUSH. Are they real?

CAKE. Um? Excuse me? I think REAL pearls at this point would be just tacky, wouldn’t you?

ANOUSH. I have no idea how folks’ll react to that.

CAKE. Would you please just let me do my job?

ANOUSH. I don’t want to see you get beaten up again – that’s all.

CAKE. Trust me, I take this very seriously. And I don’t waste time goofing around. (Unless I’m alone with my decorator, but that’s neither here nor there.)

ANOUSH. Sure. Fine. BE outta-the-box. See if I care.

CAKE.  Look, I just want to see my ideas carried out every once in a while. Ya know?

ANOUSH. I… well, yeah, that seems fair.

CAKE. Yeah, thought you’d understand. Alright. I’m goin’ in. How do I look?

ANOUSH. Like, totally stacked.

CAKE. Thanks.

ANOUSH. No problem.

CAKE. And remember: if anyone asks, tell ’em I’m with the band.

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    • Stephen DerMargosian
    • Posted February 19, 2011 at 7:09 pm
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    Anoush, I was smiling all the way through reading your discussion with the cake. Great stuff. Loved talking with your mother just now. Nothings really changed which is SO nice.

    Much love to you, Stephen

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