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ANOUSH. So whaddaya wanna do tonight?
BRIE. I dunno whadda YOU wanna do?
ANOUSH. How ’bout we go out? Ya know, get cultured.
BRIE. I don’t need to go out to get cultured – Culture comes to ME.
ANOUSH. Just by sitting there?
BRIE. Sure. I can’t tell you how many conversations  I’ve eavesdropped on that had something to do with some painting or museum or other.
ANOUSH. Really.
BRIE. Yep. People just gather around me and start talking about whatever’s new and hip. And I don’t even have to leave the house.
ANOUSH. Don’t you think it’s time for a change though?
BRIE. Trust me, I’m changing every day.
ANOUSH. C’mon, be mature.
BRIE. Look. I’ve let you string me along for a WHILE now, and enough is enough. You just have to admit that you and I AREN’T from the same cloth.
ANOUSH. Sounds like you’re trying to get the cow *AND* the milk for free.
BRIE. Well? That’s the American Dream.
ANOUSH. That’s not the American Dream.
BRIE. Yes it is.
ANOUSH. No it isn’t,
BRIE. Yes it is.
ANOUSH. Well, you’re not American.
BRIE. Ah, but I could be.
ANOUSH. C’mon, no way.
BRIE. *YES* whey!
BRIE. Don’t get me wrong. I still like you.
ANOUSH. I like you too. Believe it or not, I always make a smile when I say your name.
BRIE. I believe it.
ANOUSH. Heh, so… I guess… best of luck to you in your future endeavors.
BRIE. Thanks. Same to you. And whatever it’s worth_
BRIE. We’ll always have Paris.

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