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ANOUSH. So, have you always been a supporter of the arts?
BRA. Oh yeah. I mean, after all those years in training, I was bound to be.
ANOUSH. When did you first learn that you had an eye for talent?
BRA. Well, I was always a fan of pushing people to their full potential. A “fundraiser” if you will.
ANOUSH. That’s great. Especially now when it feels like everyone’s strapped for cash.
BRA. And you gotta remember, it’s not like profits automatically double overnight.
ANOUSH. Heh, you don’t have to tell ME twice.
BRA. So in the meantime, it’s important to stay well-rounded and expand your social circles. ‘Cause you never know when something might pop up.
ANOUSH. That’s sheer genius.
BRA. Yep. Sooner or later, you gotta grow a pair.
ANOUSH. Totally.
BRA. Glad we see eye-to-eye on this.
ANOUSH. My eyes are up *here*, brah.
BRA. Pardon me. And don’t worry – you’ve got such a great future ahead of you.
ANOUSH. Aw, c’mon, you’re just saying that.
BRA. No-no, I don’t front. But I gotta take off for now.
ANOUSH. Yeah, I gotta bounce, too.
BRA. One day – down the line – we need to get together and hang.
BRA. No, I mean it. If you ever need to get anything off your chest, I’ll totally hook you up.
ANOUSH. Whoa. Thanks, Bra! You really lift my spirits!
BRA. Anytime. And always keep me posted on any new developments.

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