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ANOUSH. I’m not interrupting, am I?
PLAID SHIRT. Nah, just pondering my own existence, what’s up?
ANOUSH. Well, I’ve been noticing that I need to work on my networking skills more? And I was hoping to use you as a reference.
ANOUSH. Yeah, or something along those lines.
PLAID SHIRT. You’re not with the press are you?
ANOUSH. No-no. But I’ve noticed that we cross paths pretty frequently and I admire your ability to stay focused and uhhhhh are you… ok? You’re breathing kinda heavy.
PLAID SHIRT. I’m… uh…. hhhhhhh
ANOUSH. Are you? It’s not a panic attack, is it?
PLAID SHIRT. Hhhhhhhhhhhh.
ANOUSH. Weird… I always thought you were good around people.  
PLAID SHIRT. Hhhhhhhhyeahhh but there’s a fine line-hhhhhh
ANOUSH. It’s not like you need to be perfect_
ANOUSH. C’mon, take a deep breath. I’m serious.
PLAID SHIRT. Thanks. I know what breathing is.
ANOUSH. Yeah, but do it really slowly and hold it in for like_
ANOUSH. Twenty seconds. Here, I’ll even time you.
PLAID SHIRT. Oooh *deadlines!*
ANOUSH. Awesome.
:::::::::::Plaid breathes:::::::::::::::
ANOUSH. Feel better, right?
PLAID SHIRT. Yeah. So now, lemme ask you: What’d you think of the pacing?
ANOUSH. Very good.
PLAID SHIRT. Did it flow?
ANOUSH. Yup. Flowed.
PLAID SHIRT. Feel forced at all? 
ANOUSH. Nope, pretty natural.
PLAID SHIRT. Hah! This might be my best work yet.
ANOUSH. Ok – I’m definitely noticing a pattern, here.

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