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CROSSWORD. I don’t know why they put me here. I don’t even *like* TV.
ANOUSH. Can you please just go with it?
CROSSWORD. Excuse me?
ANOUSH. Sorry.
CROSSWORD. May I…….. have a word?
ANOUSH. Fine. What.
CROSSWORD. Do I look like a joke to you?
ANOUSH. No. Not… no.
CROSSWORD. Was that… wait. Are we… Omigod are we at the *CIRCUS* right now?!
ANOUSH. C’mon.
CROSSWORD. Ooh let’s get out the coloring pencils and make everything **prettttty!**
ANOUSH. You’ve gotten your point across. Thank you.
CROSSWORD. Youuuu. Meeee. Ending in “Y” foreverrrrrr!
ANOUSH. This is why children are afraid of you.
ANOUSH. No thanks.
CROSSWORD. Look. I’m dealing with a lot of frustrated people right now. It’s the end of the week.
ANOUSH. Right.
CROSSWORD. Didn’t mean to scare you.
ANOUSH. You didn’t, I’m into cryptics.
CROSSWORD. Oh. Well then, uh, check in with me again when it’s not so crazy. You know, at your Leisure.
ANOUSH. Oh, sure.
CROSSWORD. I mean, we don’t have to exchange vowels or anything–
ANOUSH. No-no I gotcha, but–
CROSSWORD. Boundaries.
ANOUSH. Right.
ANOUSH. So… Have you actually *met* Alec Guinness?
CROSSWORD. Oh yeah. Few times, actually.
ANOUSH. Get the Fr. outta here!

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