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Hi, my name is Anoush! When I’m not talking to objects, I perform improv and design clothing. Go ‘head, follow me!

@anoushtalkstostuff, Instagram

@noushiepants, Twitter

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  1. Very clever, Anoush – I love this!

    can we make suggestions for what you’ll chat with next? Might I suggest my hair? it really needs a good talking to – I dont know what it’s up to lately and I’m really concerned that something drastic will have to happen if we don’t reach an understanding soon. I suspect that the hair on the back of my head is conspiring with the hair in the front, and a whole bunch of them are just jumping ship.
    I could use some comedic insight…

    (I think it would make for a very funny cartoon too. Just a giant scribble with eyes.)

    Forward this to Lis too – she loves blogs (and speaks french)

  2. Love it! How about a conversation with dust bunnies?

  3. Anoush, I’m reading my way through these blogs and loving very minute. Such a fresh, original, dear, and funny voice. Keep ’em coming, please!

    • Thank you! So glad you enjoy them!

  4. Hi Anoush,

    Clever word candy that I appreciate and feel should deservedly find it’s way in syndication.

    Best wishes,

    Glenn from Gotham.

  5. AS FAR AS I’m CONCERNED—talking to yourself is one way TO GET INTELLIGENT CONVERSATION!

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