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***Brodys/Hoopers/Quints***Jaws See No Evil

People aren’t so hard to figure out. There’s always a Brody, a Hooper, and a Quint. Think of everyone you know – all the personalities you deal with on a daily basis. If you take two steps back, you’ll see that we are a series of three men out to sea on a Wednesday (or Tuesday, I think) in early-July. All you need to know is how to tell them apart and which one you are.Jaws Wizard of Oz

Are you the responsible, heroic type who wants to do right by the world? The observant, methodical thinker who plays by the rules? The grizzly, pushy curmudgeon with the romanticized idea of the world, below sea level and above? Once you’ve sorted it out, life easily falls into place.

Jaws The New Day

Your mom with the conscience that only dreams are made of. (Brody.) Your spouse, the mensch who knows how to fix everything, and who, incidentally, steals your heart while they’re doing it. (Hooper.) Strong-willed Harry in HR who may or may not carry a knife. (Quint.) Your boss. (Mayor Vaughn. Let’s be honest.) But aside from that, this goes on forever, and as a “Brody,” myself, I can responsibly stand here at the end of this pulpit, promising you that as long as you know yourself, the world is your Orca. 

‘Cause aren’t we, at the end of the day, all fighting the same shark?

Jaws Hocus Pocus