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Monthly Archives: May 2011

LIRR. Mrrrrrrrhhhhhhh
ANOUSH. Heyyyy. You’re doing great.
LIRR. Wwwwwrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmuhhhh
ANOUSH. Very good. Now? Let’s try working in some real words.
LIRR. Fffffffff…..sssssssssss
ANOUSH. Should I…. get someone?
LIRR. Brrrr
ANOUSH. ‘Cause_
LIRR. Ddddr
LIRR. Giiiiiiiiiii
ANOUSH. Kinda worried.
LIRR. Assdaaakkkkkfairy
LIRR. murrrrrh?
ANOUSH. Is this a joke?
LIRR. Drrrrrr!!
ANOUSH. You’re either really smart or really dumb.
LIRR. Murrrrrrrrr… murrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
LIRR. Sprrr
ANOUSH. Right.
LIRR. Reeerrr
ANOUSH. Of course, naturally. I wouldn’t have it any other way.
LIRR. Eieieiei
ANOUSH. Look. You’re great. I_
LIRR. Sprigggggggg
ANOUSH. _just can’t do this anymore. Don’t get me wrong. You’re really making strides.
LIRR. Nuuuuuukraker
ANOUSH. Yeah. Really branching out.
LIRR. Storrrrrrrkmonster
ANOUSH. Whatever, look. This really isn’t getting us anywhere.
LIRR. Pruggggghmary
ANOUSH. You’re nowhere. On your way to no place.
LIRR. Murrrrrrh – that’s a line from Saturday Night Fever – rrrrrrrrrppppp.