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Monthly Archives: June 2011

CIRCLE. That’s it! I’m outta here. And I’m taking the drummers with me!
ANOUSH. Fine! And while you’re at it, get these actors outta here ’cause they’ve been staring at each other and breathing heavily for the last 15 minutes_
ANOUSH. I don’t care! It’s freaking me out!
CIRCLE. O, Anoush… you’re so seCANT.
ANOUSH. Hah! Hah! *I’M* seCANT. Nowwww THAT strikes a chord.
CIRCLE. O, does it, now?
ANOUSH. Yeah, it does.
CIRCLE. I think you need to get more centered.
ANOUSH. Don’t turn this around. You don’t even know the HALF of _
CIRCLE. O, great. Circumvent. It’s what you do best.
ANOUSH. Youuu.
CIRCLE. Ok. Yeah. Sorry. I’ve clearly crossed the line. Don’t worry, I’ll just pack up my Cheerios and see my way out.
CIRCLE. O, and also these Lifesavers, Donuts, and this one hoop earring (so I can go be the pirate I’ve always hoped to become.)
ANOUSH. No, wait, I was wrong.
CIRCLE. No-no, I can see we’ve clearly taken a turn for the worse. I’ll go now and leave you my prized hula hoops.
ANOUSH. Don’t.
CIRCLE. …and these pasty googly eyes,
ANOUSH. O, c’mon.
CIRCLE. …and, *ALLLLLLL* these contra dancers.
ANOUSH. But they’re nothing without you!
CIRCLE. We’re just in a transitional phase. Sometimes things just mesh on their  own. Or don’t.
ANOUSH. Sounds very Ven.
CIRCLE. Thank you! I mean… that’s *my* theorum, anyway.

METRO CARD. Wanna love each other for a month?
ANOUSH. What? Wow! I_
METRO CARD. Look, I know we’ve both gone through a lot, so I’m just gonna make this quick.
ANOUSH. Do, uh, people do this? I mean, is this… done?
METRO CARD. Pshh, all the *time.*
ANOUSH. Get the F-train outta here!
METRO CARD. Welcome to the city, kiddo!
ANOUSH. Wow. So……. how would this work?
METRO CARD. Well first _
ANOUSH. Yeah, walk me through it ’cause I wouldn’t wanna start out on the wrong track.
METRO CARD. Well, it’d be you and me just… being in each other’s pockets *constantly.*
ANOUSH. Boring!! When does the part about this NOT being like a regular relationship start happening!
METRO CARD. Oh. Well, so. After all that, we’re both free to follow our own PATHs.
ANOUSH. Oh cool. I mean, if that’s what all the kids are doing…
METRO CARD. And until then I give you carte blanche to do whatever.
ANOUSH. Oooh, French!
METRO CARD. You’re taking this really well. Most people think I’m a total A-train and threaten to beat the shuttle outta me.
ANOUSH. Well, I’ll be honest. If it’s anything *close* to sub-par, I’m hittin’ the road.
METRO CARD. Understandable.
ANOUSH. Not to sound like a total C-train or anything but_
METRO CARD. I’ve met a lot of C-trains in my life and you’re definitely not one of them.
ANOUSH. Awww, Gee (train)…
METRO CARD. So… you ready to go *beneath* the planet of the ACE?
ANOUSH. Totally! Whaddayou think we’ll find down there?
ANOUSH. *Besides* my destiny.
METRO CARD. Oh. Well, uh. Tons of music.
METRO CARD. Dancing (for money).
METRO CARD. And all the strollers you’d ever care to see in your entire, natural life. 
ANOUSH. Oh, uh, I should tell you – I have limits.
METRO CARD. Eh, don’t worry, so do I, eventually.
ANOUSH. The thing you just said was *very* weird, but whatever!