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Category Archives: Hair

ANOUSH. Whoa! What HAPPENED last night?
HAIR. Oh you know. The usual – made my rounds.
ANOUSH. You don’t always need to act so wild all the time.
HAIR. Well? I AM wild. Maybe you’re not well-conditioned enough to handle my thunder.
ANOUSH. If she wakes up and sees this, she’s gonna FLIP!
HAIR. Well, you tell her I’M the higher-up and that means I make the decisions around here.
ANOUSH. Oh yeah… THAT’LL go over REAL big. C’mon let’s bounce.
HAIR. Hold it. Let’s get something straight.
HAIR. I don’t get brushed aside.
ANOUSH. Oh, no I wouldn’t even _
HAIR. And, if I wanna stay wired all night? I’m gonna stay wired all night.
ANOUSH. There’s no need to get all wound up_
HAIR. And one of these days? I’m gonna make it BIG and none of you will know *WHICH* end is up.
ANOUSH. No, I believe you.
HAIR. And don’t expect me to just hang around and go with the flow like some wind chime. That’s not how *I* roll.
ANOUSH. Yeah stick up for what you believe in.
HAIR. That’s right! And whoever doesn’t like it? Can SPLIT!
ANOUSH. They’re gonna get you straightened out if you don’t keep it together.
HAIR. I give it a WEEK – tops!
HAIR. And the silent treatment won’t work on me, either.